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ICPMG 2022 Case of failure to pay the registration fee (Error code PC38 and TS21)

2022-07-26 18:26
In Korea, Eximbay Payments are often used as a payment method for conferences.
We would like to let you know about the information you can refer to when you are going through an inconvenience with paying the registration fee.

There are two ways to successfully pay the registration fee.

(1. Personal credit card / 2. Bank Transfer)

1. About the error code PC38.

If the customer used card is a corporate card, it will be declined by error code (PC38).
Corporate cards are restricted because that is considered to be at high risk for the following reasons.

-  In the case of corporate cards, it is difficult to track transactions when monitoring. Because the name of the owner and purchaser of the actual card is different.
- In the case of general shopping malls for customers, corporate cards are considered high-risk transactions according to the transaction pattern.
Therefore, the payment with the corporate credit card will be rejected with the error code (PC38), so please proceed with the payment with your personal credit card.

2. About the error code TS21.
- An error may occur if the customer's card company does not have a system that can normally give the 3DS authentication value.
- Slow internet speed may cause 3DS payment failures.
In this case, the only way is to try to make a payment through another card or another Internet network.

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat of ICPMG 2022. (