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ICPMG 2022 Please submit the presentation file (~Sep. 7)

2022-08-30 08:53
This is to inform you that online oral presenters and All poster presenters are required to upload presentations on the “My Page” of the abstract submitter by September 7.  Please check the website for more details(

Please be sure to complete the registration online to participate in ICPMG 2022 at your earliest convenience. To participate in ICPMG 2022 online, each person should complete their registration because the login account for the online platform will be connected to your registration account.

1. Oral Presentation
– Online Attendance: Pre-recorded Video + Live Q&A(Zoom)
– In-person Attendance: Offline presentation
– Please note that the presentation time is within 12 minutes except for Q&A.
* The secretariat will play the submitted pre-recorded presentation video and move on to the live Q&A, so all online presenters must attend their presentation schedule.

2. Poster Presentation
– Online Attendance: Poster(PDF) + Pre-recorded Video (within about 10 minutes)
– In-person Attendance: Poster (PDF) + Printed Poster(A0 Size)