Dyed with color of Daejeon!

Daejeon is a large city located in the center of Korea. Major train lines and expressways go through this home of major government, science and education facilities. Top tourist sites include the Expo Park, Daedeok Science Town, Yousung Hotel, Aqua World, and the O World Theme Park, which houses a zoo and a large variety of fun rides.

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Shinsegae Art & Science
The new location, called Shinsegae Art & Science, will consist of a department store and the 193-story Shinsegae Expo Tower, furnished with an aquarium, science exhibition spaces, a multiplex cinema, and an indoor sports theme park. The tower will also feature a five-star hotel called “Onoma.” Both the store and the tower were designed by internationally renowned designers and architects including Rockwell, the designer behind the famous MGM hotel chain.
Hanbat Arboretum
The arboretum is located at the center of the Daejeon Government Complex and the EXPO Science Park. Hanbat Arboretum in the city center is the largest man-made arboretum in Korea that connects the greens of the Daejeon Government Complex and the EXPO Science Park. It provides preservation of various plant species, educational space for youth, and a relaxing green area for citizens in the middle of the city.
Daejeon Art & Culture Complex
Daejeon Art & Culture Complex Art Hall is placed in a culture belt where Daejeon Art & Culture Complex, Daejeon Museum of Art, and Ungno Lee Museum of Art connect. It is a concert hall with a large size and 1,546 seats and can stage 300 performers. It is a complete cultural art space for grand opera, ballet, musicals, etc. Daejeon Museum of Art adds dignity in sharing a relaxing and reflective lifestyle.
Uineungjeongi Cultural Street
From the 1960s to 1980s, this was a mecca of administration, businesses, and traditional culture in the central region of South Korea. Now it is rising again as a street of Art & Culture. There are over 150 active businesses related to art and culture including art galleries, concert halls, small theaters, exhibition, performance facilities, art supply stores, ateliers, pottery studios, and antique stores.
Yuseong Hot Springs
At Yuseong Hot Spring Street, Asian Fringe trees with snow-like white petals are planted along the street and the beautiful Snow Flower street is built. It has two foot baths accommodating 80 people with 100% hot spring water pulled up from 200 m underground and maintained at 41 ~ 43 °C. It also has a waterway. The foot baths are free to access and are popular for tourists as well as local residents even late during the day.
Daejeon O World
Daejeon O World is built of blessed nature and is proud to have the largest facility size in the central southern region of S.Korea. It is an integrated theme park comprised of ‘Zoo Land + Flower Land + Joy Land’ that can be enjoyed by an entire family. Here, flower and water-themed individual new gardens and enjoyable scenery with a splendid display of light harmonize and satisfy the five senses of visitors.
Ppuri Park
Ppuri Park is an educational place with the world’s first sculptures symbolizing family names allowing everyone to know their background and foster filial piety and make them aware that they are from Korean descent. This park features a variety of facilities including sculptures of family names, and shaped spring water, waterside stage, where various events are held, the forest park, observatory, octagonal pavilion, recreational forest and the nature observation garden.
Gyejoksan Hwangtogil Trail
Gyejoksan Hwangtogil Trail is the only place in the world to experience such a healthy feeling from nature, and you cannot experience this anywhere else in Korea. It is a must-see place for travelers, along with Mt. Gyejoksan and Daecheong dam, when they visit Daejeon. While walking or running 14 km of the exciting Hawntogil Trail located at an altitude of 200 m to 300 m, you can find health in body and mind.
Daecheong Lake
Daecheong Lake was developed in 1980 when the Daecheong Dam was completed and has been providing drinking water, living water and industrial water to Daejeon city and Cheongju City since then. It is known for its driving route with small mountains at an altitude of 200-300m and beautiful shrubs extending above the lake. It is home of migratory birds and resident birds, and in summer, white herons are easily seen at the upper part of the lake.